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People's Choice Personal Care - the preferred provider of home personal care services for your loved ones.

About People's Choice Personal Care

The staff at People's Choice Personal Care, LLC have over 8 years of combined experience in patient care and personal care services. We strive to be the best personal home care company to serve you. We will provide a personalized care plan to help you live a better life at home. We will also provide well trained personal care workers to assist you at home, or we will train someone you trust to be your care taker. We will be honored to be your preferred choice of care.

Company Vision


We are People's Choice Personal Care, LLC. We are an agency that provides personal home care for elderly, disabled, mentally, and physically ill patients who are in need of assistance with their activities of daily living on a daily basis.



Mission Statement


People's Choice Personal Care, LLC’s mission is to provide quality personal care services on your terms, based on your definite needs. Our goal is to help you stay in the comfort of your home for as long as you can.





At People's Choice Personal Care, LLC we value people first.  We also think that the time, skills, and expert opinions of our staff are an essential part of our company’s value for long term growth.  We do not expect any staff member to perform duties that they are not trained for. We expect staff members to share their suggestions for improving any aspect of People's Choice Personal Care working operations or caregiving.



Cultural Diversity


We work with people of many different cultures, beliefs, religions, and languages. We respect many different ethnic groups and treat each individual equally. The agency does not discriminate against any race, religion or background. Agency promote diversity.




Equal Opportunity for all


People's Choice Personal Care, LLC provides a strong policy of equal employment opportunity for all those that are qualified and competence for employment.  We hire, train, promote, compensate and promote employees on the basis of personal competence and potential for advancement without regard to race, color, religions, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, genetics, retaliation, or physical impairments.

Our goal is to help improve the quality of life of the patients. So that they can stay at the comfort of their homes for as long as they can. With our profession staff, your doctor, and your family members, you will be very happy with the care services that we provide.

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